PS 57 Jame Wendall Johnson School
174 E. 115th St. NY, NY 10029

PS 96 216 E 120th St NY, NY 10035

Hamilton Elementary School
20 Oak Ave, Mt Vernon NY 10550

PS 527, 329 E. 91st St. NY NY 10128

Grades 2 Play is a program developed within Manhattan Youth Baseball.   Designed to encourage players to excel academically and allow players (who cannot afford the opportunity) to play baseball in a competitive instructional environment. 

The goal of Grades 2 Play is to offer program participants the highest quality education, role models, and top notch facilities and instructors available. 

In return, MYB asks the player to commit to his athletic and academic studies and become responsible to the league to perform in both the classroom and the playing field.  

 Grades 2 Play expects players to be:

  • Accountable and let the program/league know when they are struggling.
  • Students to maintain all the proper standards of their school and stay clear of disciplinary issues.  

Grades 2 Play will advocate for the player with their school for tutoring or may seek outside tutoring through teammates or companies.  

Grades 2 Play is a safe heaven program that allows the player to express his goals, fears and issues and know that the league will work with the player to find the right solutions.

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